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Local Municipality
Stand-by List
19 - 20 August 2018

Fire department :January Mokoneni- 0725845907

Water & Sewer: Simon Lestoalo
064 910 5012
Electricity: Vincent Shongwe
073 298 5581
Water levels are high

Water & Sewer: Sibanyoni
073 250 6702
Electricity: January Manstengwane
082 408 5392
Water levels are high

Waterval Boven
Water & Sewer: Mduduzi Mhlanga
060 660 3786
Electricity: January Manstengwane
082 408 5392
Water levels are high

Water & Sewer: Awie Smith - 
076 101 7528
Water levels are high

Welcome to Highland Meander

Emakhazeni Local Municipality comprises of 4 main towns:Emakhazeni(Belfast) Dullstroom, Entokozweni(Machadodorp) and Emgwenya(Waterval Boven) and it is  situated in the heart of Mpumalanga Province. It is bordered by Mbombela Local Municipality on the East and Steve Tshwete Local Municipality on the West.  It is one of the six municipalities that fall within the Nkangala District Municipality..


Road 01Road 02Road 03Residents employed by the newly conceptualized road project on the labour intensive reconstruction of municipal roads by the municipality
The road construction project has been re-engineered by the visionary leader Hon. Cllr. T.D. Ngwenya when assuming office. Informed by the high unemployment rate the council of the municipality resolved to do things differently.

Moving forward all roads shall be done by the local people in a labour-intensive project to provide a relief for the community



Above: The Hon. Executive Mayor, Cllr. T.D. Ngwenya inspecting the newly conceptualized water supply in rural areas project.

The current council, with the guidance of the Hon. Executive Mayor, resolved to ensure sustainable water supply for the rural communities. This was done through the identification of the areas with high water yield and 40 Kiloliters tank installed with reticulation network for the local communities. The tank is also equipped with the water extraction for the water tankers to supply the surrounding communities. 
The project is intended as a precursor to the water-borne sanitation project for the rural areas.



PowerThe Hon. Executive Mayor, Cllr. T.D. Ngwenya ensuring the newly installed generator for the Emgwenya water treatment works is installed.

The upgrading of water treatment works for Emgwenya and Emakhazeni (Belfast) plants was executed in the 2017/18 financial year. These were done through a R22 million investment in Emgwenya and R8 million investment in Emakhazeni plant. The council is envisaging clean, blue-drop compliant water supply and sustainability in supply for the entire municipality. To aid sustainable supply, generators were installed to kick in when there is electricity outage. Closure and rehabilitation of existing waste disposal site and commission of a new waste disposal site in Emakhazeni (Belfast). and In Emgwenya the distribution network is being upgraded to replace the AC pipes with the PVC pipes to improve water quality supplied to the local communities.

The above projects reflect only a few of the many projects that were executed in the 2017/18 financial year. The list includes but not limited to the electricity substation project and the connection of the houses, installation of new water and sanitation infrastructure, construction of the new Mandela sewer pump station.

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